All the pretty flowers.

Beautiful flower pictures that are really gorgeous!


​This is the angel trumpet I was talking about at the bottom.

I found some really different flowers. The white one I would love to have. They call it a Japanese dogwood, cousin to ours. But this one is wild looking. I love it. And it can be bought here when they are in stock.

I don’t know what the others are, but they are beautiful!

Wild aren’t they? The last one I think is phlox or creeping thyme? I want to cover some ground that isn’t “fixable”.

This one is a angels trumpet.  They are gorgeous and come in many different colors. The hummingbirds and butterflies love them. 

That’s my photos for the day.

Author: stillwatersrundark

Just writing about things in everyday life that i think about. Mostly I am trying to be able to take care of my dog and myself before i wind up homeless one day. I am hoping to get a bank account one day and get my own site. And a spot on Pateron too. Some may be true stories or fiction, some poetry, some art I do and foods people may like.

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