Cleo my little teacher, I miss you still.

                      You are still in my heart. You always will be.

This is the story of Cleo, my Manx cat.


We lived in Texas several years ago. We had moved back from Florida right before a hurricane came and took out our house. That was good timing on our part I guess.

We had bought some land in a hole in the wall place close to Paradise Texas, only it wasn’t exactly a Paradise. That is a story in itself!

I used to go to town to get groceries. We lived several miles out.

One day a tiny cute cat had caught my eye as I drove by. She was playing in the front yard with her sibling. Trying to catch butterflies in the air. So cute!

Cleo was a cute little Manx cat that was calico colored. The kind of cat that had no tail. That was their type of breed. Her sibling was a Tabby cat.

About two weeks later I noticed the people had took everything they owned, including their two Great Dane dogs and left. They took everything…except the two little kittens. They were left to fend for themselves. They looked to be about five weeks old. Not very old at all. And way to young to be on their own!

All I saw there was a crumpled up can of old dog food. How sad for the kitties…how could  ANYONE do that to ANY animal ? I cannot understand how a person can sleep after doing that to any living thing. I know I certainly could not.

But, there they were…playing like they did not know they had been dumped and left on their own to survive way out in the country.

But they did miss someone. Those people had a little daughter. Why didn’t they let her take them? Oh well, their loss and MY GAIN!!

We pulled up into the driveway and both kittens came crying to us. It was like they were saying, ” where have you been?! ” We opened up the car door and they both jumped in. The poor little darlings. I was so sad for them. But they were lucky we had found them before a coyote or some other wild animal did.

We took them home and fed them.They were so hungry. My guess is they had eaten bugs. Maybe some grasshoppers.

We also took them to the vets to get them a check up. The vet made me mad when he suggested that I have Cleo put down. WHY?  Because she was a Manx….he mumbled something about her breed. There was NOTHING wrong with her at all. That was the last time I saw that vet. How ignorant and uncaring of him.

Cleo was a survivor and a teacher. All through her life she had tried to teach other cats how to hunt and fend for themselves. It was sad sometimes to see. But she never gave up no matter what. She had such patience.

My daughter-in-law had two other cats. They lived with us there. The other cats were a black female cat and a blondish male cat. For quite awhile, the black female cat was so ugly to Cleo. I watched to make sure she didn’t hurt her. The male cat ignored Cleo too. It was like the other female told him to. Seriously. You could watch and see it. The black cat would growl and hiss at Cleo as if to tell her she wasn’t wanted there.

Finally the male cat figured things out I believe. He had enough of the grumpy black cat and hissed at her, telling it to leave Cleo alone and quit being so gripey towards her. So, the black cat started leaving her alone. Cleo finally had a friend, sort of.

A year or two after , we moved away to another state. But before we did, we had picked up two more dumped off cats. They had a sad story too. But, it all turned out for the better. I will tell their stories too. But, they had a forever home with us. And a nice home where it was peaceful. Finally.

Cleo was short for the name Cleopatra. She has eyeliner around her eyes that made me think of her, so the name stuck.

Cleo ALWAYS marched to the beat of her own drum….and I was always so proud of her. She was my sweet baby doll as I called her affectionately. I will always miss her.